Speedtroopers Private Trackday

Two Porsches, one a 911 GT3, the other a 911 Turbo, one Chevrolet Corvette, one Lotus exige 380 cup, one Ferrari 458, one lexus, a BMW 1 M and one revised Datsun… umm, I mean Nissan GTR.


A group of friends called Speedtroopers, has invited us to their own private track day at Clark International Speedway.


Finding an excuse at work so I can tag along with them. Getting out from manila traffic to enjoy a blissfully track day is better than anything to do here in Manila.


The cars were on the track around 11 am, and greeted us with a classical music tune called exhaust. As we enter the pit, we saw what basically every car enthusiast’s dream. A view of exotic cars side by side. Watching them as they tear CIS apart. A Lotus Exige Cup 380 so small, quick and nimble that it can close the gap narrowly through the corner against a GT-R.


A Corvette that sounded so good that you can hear the cam lobing when its idle, definitely the best sounding car in the bunch, and even did an all out American Burn Out, there is so much ‘merica screaming out of that car.


But for me The 458 is the wildest! Drifting a standard RWD is expensive but drifting a FERRARI! That is insane! As we watch from the pit. Those are cars remarkably engineered for racing especially the Exige, smashing the lap times. What a fast car that is. Its one of the living proof that you don’t need power to win a race, just a light car and a driver with skills and balls will do.


Streetcustoms PH would like to thank Paolo Mantolino for inviting us for this exclusive cover.



Photo: Vincent Capili
Words: Juan Miguel Jimenez


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