Manila Auto Salon 2017

It’s that time of the year, the pinnacle of custom automotive show. The Manila Auto Salon has once wow us again with the entries always put our expectations up a notch every year, and another year of high anticipation from massive attendees at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City from November 30 to December 3, 2017.


Car Porn Racing (CPR) made their name by building tasteful customs such as the RWB. This year CPR has once again filled our high expectations. With their Twin Turbo Liberty Walk Gallardo (First in the country), this car will probably put your insides towards the rear part of your body, and with the monstrous brakes, it will definitely put it back into its place once you come into a halt. The MP4-12c is one of the latest creation from a company with 20 years of car design experience and Formula 1 success. Built from lightweight materials, and position low for optimum handling dynamics. It compliments the all carbon mono cell. Forget what you know about sports cars. Relying on their top secret simulator to develop their engine, aerodynamics, braking and steering. The engineers were able to be fully concentrated to optimize the 12-c’s driving experience. What CPR did is made it even more exciting, their masterpiece the first full carbon fiber Mclaren 12c.


And of course the new, and revamped Black Manta Corvette sporting its new dry Carbon Fiber Body.

More from Car Porn Racing’s display:

If you are the person who loves Honda’s, chances are you already knew what Spoon is, showcasing the Autogenix’s full Spoon EK9 and Spoon S2000. Yes you’ve read it right they left no stone unturned. The EK9 is probably one of the most iconic cars in the 90’s with the R badge all over the car. But this badass EK9 with Spoon goodies inside and out it will definitely make Honda boys drool. The S2000 is the living proof that a roadster can outperform any coupe on its class, and can be as much fun as a Miata. This full Spoon S2000 can take you on a nostalgic trip where you first seen it in hot version. And this S2000 probably has a hundred grand under the hood. So Jettas beware. You know what we mean.





And of course, Honda wouldn’t be complete without Civic. Not just any Civics though, these are full JDM spec EGs you’re looking at.

Tasteful and everything. Aside from the RB26DETT transplant, this 280Z undoubtedly the best Z build in the country we’ve ever seen. We’ll just let the build talk for itself.


More from the event:


Photo: Vincent Capili, Jacob Alfonso & Jonel Mangahas
Words: Juan Miguel Jimenez
Additional Words: Vincent Capili