Motul Boxer Fest 2017

Boxers are very known in the industry not as the guys that are good in boxing where Manny Pacquiao is famous for but as an engine that powers the vehicles of the Japanese car manufacturer named Subaru. Probably the most remarkable boxer vehicle ever made which we can all agree of is the WRX STI, the world rally weapon driven by the famous Collin McRae way back its World Rally Championship years. Noting the market’s vast need for utility and practicality, Subaru also provided a wide range of vehicles that can cater the daily needs and necessities of various people without sacrificing the characteristics of a Boxer engine, from the Legacy sedan for a much more comfortable and formal approach to the Forester crossover which can give you a hand in terms of space and utility with the supreme capabilities of an SUV. With that said, it isn’t rare nowadays to spot a Subaru in our very crowded roads but it is still is a rare sight to see Subaru owners gather and meet up in a very enthusiastic manner. To tell you the good news though, someone already initiated to do so.



Welcome the Motul Boxer Fest, a carshow and a lively gathering as well which was conducted by Motul Philippines, Motor Image Pilipinas and WRX STi Club PH in order to come up with a carshow that will showcase the finest Boxers in the metro. This event is a celebration of the partnership and synergy between Motul and Subaru Motor Image in the Philippine automotive industry, by giving thanks to their supporters and enthusiasts who carry their brands. Held last 5th of November at the Greenhills Shopping Center parking, the event kicked of with the majority of the entries coming from the WRX STi Club PH with some other boxers gracing the event, namely BRZs, Foresters and an Impreza. The event was also graced by the Manila GT-R Owners Club (MAGTROC).


The unique ‘drive-thru’ car show made the event more fun as drive through cars had a chance to tour around the 27 pure WRX and STi cars displayed at the center still with a room left for people to roam around maximizing the whole parking area space.






Solid turnout for this unique event. Congratulations to organizers and winners! As always, thank you for having Streetcustomsph!


Photo: Vincent Capili & Juan Miguel Mendoza
Words: Juan Miguel Mendoza & Vincent Capili