Rumble Kings: Trackday

Subarus have been known for their symmetrical all-wheel drive system and for their unique flat-four boxer engines which as we all know is one of the best performance engines ever made. The boxer engine’s low center gravity makes it more stable and precise on the road as well. It has been the reason why JDM and tuner fanboys have always considered Subaru’s Impreza WRX and STIs whenever they’re in need of something that is more than capable of ripping off the streets. No wonder the WRX STi Club PH had conducted an event that will surely unleash the potential of their high performance family saloons called as Rumble Kings.


It all started with the first ever Rumble Kings meet at the Filinvest Tent when the people at the WRX STi Club PH were thinking of an event that will surely give car meets a different approach, something a bit more exciting than entering a car park and showoff your car’s new loud AF speakers or heavily modified bodykit. As a result, they’ve all agreed to show what their cars got in a very precise manner, hence the trackday plan was born.  That thought of making the next meet as fun as it could made them come up with an event that will showcase their cars’ real potential on a proper track. It wasn’t a surprise when they decided that the trackday will take place at Batangas Racing Circuit, which is a pretty good choice to hold the group’s very first trackday event.





Upon arriving the track, a very good number of WRX’s and STi’s showed up upon entering the pit area, busy prepping for the track. The event was also joined by a couple of other Subaru and non-Subaru model these includes the LanEvo VI and Skyline GTS R33. The presence of some Toyota Yaris and Chevy Cruze came as a surprise as well, not to mention that one of the Yaris are owned by the club’s very own Mark Anton David. That being said, you should know that the Yaris he owns ain’t your ordinary daily ride.




Everything went smooth so after a few laps of memorizing and knowing the track with the FORS instructors, they slowly started to gain some pace around the track ‘till everyone was already going flat out and showing their need for speed. The sight of Subaru’s going all out around the circuit was really a lovely sight for the spectators and media personnel like us. The combined sound of the rumbling boxers plus skidding tires getting some traction going in and out of corners really was pure music to ours ears and sounded more pleasing than Ed Sheeran’s voice nor some woman screaming in adult videos. That enjoyment felt while inside the track, whether you’re one of those people getting too hard driving around the circuit or just a spectator watching those boxers go flat out, it can never be replaced or replicated in the hearts of true car enthusiasts.






“Money shot”













That being said, the trackday ended up as a total success with everyone finished safely.
We would like to thank our friends from WRXSTi Club PH for the invite as this was our first local trackday coverage, it’s a whole new experience and astounding for the team. More trackday covers soon?
Photo: Vincent Capili, Juan Miguel Mendoza & Jacob Alfonso
Words: Juan Miguel Mendoza & Vincent Capili