Rumble Kings: 1st WRXSTi Club PH Meet

The Rumble Kings meet. Once in a while when you drive a Subaru you get complains from your neighbors because of the obnoxious sound that your Subaru makes. Hence the “Rumble” in Rumble Kings. In times like these when I feel there’s a need to shatter the stereotypes. Fact of that matter is that no WRX/STi had it easy. The misplaced impressions. Like all Subaru owners vape or on stage 2 set up. Or the traditional that all WRX/STi has gold rims. When you own one, you get asked with this “frequently asked questions” and I’m gonna help you answer it.

Lets start with the most common

“Do you vape bro?”
Yes, not because I try to look cool. Its because I like the flavors, and I’m trying to quit smoking.

“You got ringlands on it?”
Ringlands? Yes of course i have one.

“No brah, I meant ringland failure”
Umm no. It only happens when you always drive your car like a madman and neglect your oil and sparkplugs.

“Why’s the Evo is faster than Subaru”

No, they’re both fast. I think they’re even. Because they’re basically the same. Only fan boys starts a fight with each other.


We stand by the entrance that brings you into the Filinvest parking lot, as it’s always cool to see cars and group arrive in convoy. So much variety passed by me in those first few minutes. As the parking lot clogged up. Even more and line to enter got longer and longer. It just added to the whole spectacle of seeing some much varied WRX/STi making its way to the meet. Its also been a while since I’ve seen a wildly modded Subaru.

Reversed parked into a spot to show of the front end and engine bay in this order, and talk about their mods and hardships with their car is always a wonderful sight, and hope to see one on the next meet.




Photo: Juan Miguel Mendoza
Words: Juan Miguel Jimenez