Trio in Manila Meet: SS x ILL x SPMF

Trio in Manila meet, or should I call it the Party Trifecta!

If you love cars this is the thing you’ve never visited a car meet this one should be on your to do list. Lets face it whether you’re a car freak or not, its still an incredible car meet. The cars is simply fascinating, and don’t get me started with the RWB named “TUBERO” but if you’re a indeed petrol head this is a very enjoyable meet.



Andrew Peralta’s #9 RWB “Tubero” is no doubt the sweetest ride of this meet.


Lucky for me I managed to juggle the meet, there’s 2 anticipated meet that day and i managed to attend the Trio in Manila meet featuring SuperStreet, Fatlace and Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted. Its always a real deal when SPMF sets a meet, and Kevin Carlos managed to get a hold of SS and Fatlace. Lucky for Kevin it happens that one of the contributors and in charge of SuperStreet Garage is Lance Feliciano, nephew of David Feliciano of the DMF Drift team. David is very close to Kevin and Mark Arcenal of Fatlace / Illest, and to the Stance community as well. The result is what they similar do in the US, the SuperILL Meets.

It happens that Lance is in town for a vacation, and he wanted to see the local car community as well.


This is just the beginning of exposure of the local car community to international names. And as per Kevin, he’ll continue working out with SuperStreet for future meets. Now that’s something worth waiting for.


Photo: Vincent Capili
Words: Juan Miguel Jimenez & Vincent Capili