AWD Squad PH: February 2017 Meet

If you’re a fan of Evo, STI, GT-R and other AWD cars, you should definitely know the AWD SQUAD PH.

The collective started after the core members chanced upon one another at a car meet and instantly clicked through their mutual passion for AWD cars (though they were fans of different brands like mitsubishi, subaru and nissan). In a coffee meeting they organized, after plans of creating a group exclusive for AWD cars fans were hatched, a AWD SQUAD PH was born.



AWD SQUAD PH was founded by guys who probably own an Evo or STI—well, let’s put it that way, shall we? Their passion for AWD cars was driven with petrol-filled turbocharged engine and the power on all fours that ultimately excites at high-speed corners—the kind of cars that will definitely give you the confidence in motion (wink wink). This was perhaps the biggest reason why they fell in love.


Experiencing their meet was an honor. Carpark filled with Evo’s and STI’s—what more could you ask? Cars that make necks turn and break more often than a pretty girl in a sundress. The simplistic carpark effortlessly turned into a car show. Bystanders and passers-by quickly whipped out their camera phone to take pictures.


I just loved watching the owners talk about their build: the funny story on how we starve ourselves and eat ramen noodles just to save up for the next mod; the love-hate relationship between our cars; people who just don’t get the infatuation for cars, tirelessly saying that cars are supposed to simply be a mode of transportation; and, of course, the never-ending “buyo” on what modifications to purchase. If your wife or girlfriend nags at you for blowing off half of your pay on coilovers, tell her to blame Juan dela Cruz for making you think that the car needs a new set of coilovers. (But, of course, *ahem* a different kind of coilovers.)


Founder’s Note: Thank you again to awesome people of AWD Squad PH for the invite and exclusive cover. We are looking forward for the upcoming meets.


Photo: Vincent Capili
Words: Juan Miguel Jimenez & Elizabeth Deyro