JDMUnderground Yabangan Noon/Nights (01.17)

Hello 2017! We’re going to start this right, straight from the underground. Our first of the year with the meet known as “Yabangan Noon/Nights” from the people of none other than JDMUnderground. A brotherhood of JDM aficionados consists of similar principles and mindsets on what are the legitimate dedications for JDMs are about. (This may hurt a bunch of copycats, feelers and wannabes around. Sorry!).


From the meet’s name ‘Yabangan’. Everyone has the right to brag theirs. But of course, let the builds do the talking.

You’ll see large selections of rides in different models and makes of JDM. Keeping the uniformity of what they call ‘Purveyors of Clean Japanese Tuning’.


First of the year’s meet held at Mandala Park Mandaluyong where the parking lot become intensified and quickly filled around 4pm with Wildboys came from different areas including Laguna and Baguio.

This is my 2nd meet with them. It was truly stimulating to witness such a car community strictly implements the quality don’t deteriorate. Newbies are welcome all the time as long as you have the guts and courage to take your ride/build a proper and deserving one.



I am looking forward for more meets with these people. Congratulations Wildboys!

Photo: Vincent Capili
Words: Vincent Capili