Manila Auto Salon 2016

In Philippines, there were only few worthy and kind of massive car event like this, and Manila Auto Salon is one of the top tiers which makes us return (of course, no one wants to missed it.) for another year and its 10th year of pioneering the highest standards of aftermarket automotive scene in the country. Highly anticipated and fascinated by large number of attendees from November 3 to 6 at the heart of SMX Convention Center in Pasay.

We conquered the last day of the event and we thought it would be easy for us to take pictures but as soon the door opens, there were already plenty of spectators around so it’s challenging but fun at the same time.

We selected the best cars of our choice. Enjoy them below.


This year’s event made a little bit different approach in terms of what’s inside. You’ll see juicier and crunchier displays and entries compare in any previous years, this is good for both spectators and our automotive industry. Meaning we can set the bars higher than usual, thanks to our big-named car shops who keeps the culture on fire for pushing what we can do and for the world to see.

The event also filled with different major aftermarket automotive companies showcasing their products, good food in the mobile trucks, games, giveaways and other activities for families and visitors.MAS16-2361MAS16-2358MAS16-2367MAS16-2432MAS16-2436MAS16-2438MAS16-2481MAS16-2563

This truly defines the word Purity.  Supercharged Mugen RR FD and Mugen in every way. 1 of 1 in the country. Owned by Timothy Tan.


Legit Spoon Build EK9 owned by friend Henry Chua from JDMUnderground.MAS16-2602
We had fun, amazed and inspired from this concluded event. We would like to thank the organizers from TradeShow International for the opportunity to cover the event. Congratulations! Until next year.
Photo: Vincent Capili
Words: Vincent Capili