Mistufest PH 2016

Mitsufest? What’s Mitsufest? Mitsufest is a large gathering for all Mitsubishi cars when I mean all Mitsubishi cars, I mean EVERYTHING! From Classic Lancers, Pajero, Colts and of course the famed LANCER EVOLUTION!! Many countries already started their own one and now it’s our turn, with the good start from the great guys of Lan Evo Club Philippines, the Mitsufest PH is now a reality!
Mitsufest caters to all Mitsubishi car clubs, or even to those who dosen’t have one, as long as you drive a Mitsubishi you are welcome, and you can call Mitsufest a home.
With the Evo gone, Mitsubishi’s flagship model is now the Pajero, which still holds in many countries. As much as Mitsubishi’s Motorsports legacy was in off road racing, and Dakar dominating vehicle. The Pajero speaks for itself whenever a person hears the word Pajero the first thing that came into their minds is “kotse ng hacindero yan ah?” well of course with the off road capability plus the luxury inside, it’s simply the best of both world!
Now with the Lancer’s don’t get me started on this one it’s the most famous on their model lineup especially with the bulked up Lancer. The Lancer Evolution most of them were tuned by the most famous Mitsubishi tuner in the Philippines. The Quickstart Performance owned by the man himself Mac Lasala. As you can see Quickstart’s lineup are totally an eye candy from Galants, Eclipse and Lancer Evo, not to mention the super rare “Rare Paps” Galant VR4 tuned by AMG. YES! YES! You’ve read it right, AMG! The in-house tuner of Mercedes Benz!
Now let’s get into the event itself, the event was filled by games, bondings, interactions with fellow Mitsubishi owners, good food, automotive shops, and the event caters for the people who’s in the market for buying a Mitsubishi cars!

We’re looking forward for next year’s Mitsufest. Thank you for having us this year!

Photo: Vincent Capili
Words: Juan Miguel Jimenez