Dare Devil: 2010 Subaru WRX STi GRB Race Car

To start kicking off. Let me tell you a brief history of Impreza shortly. The Impreza was the defining car in Subaru’s elevation from relative obscurity to a legend in world rallying.  Subaru Impreza’s WRX (World Rally eXperimental), and STi (Subaru Tecnica International) are rally cars out from the box or sedans on steroids! The WRX was introduced in 1992, and later in 1994 STi was introduced to the first GC8 chassis Impreza.
On the first foray into the world rally championship, it’s arguably the most iconic. With the rally saint Collin McRae at the wheel of the 300HP group A rally. It captured the public’s imagination in 1995 with McRae taking the WRC driver’s championship the great and charismatic Englishman gave the Subaru three manufacturer championships! Before leaving to race for Citroen and Ford.

Years goes by the 2nd generation Impreza was introduced in 2000 with the bug eye model, although fans were disappointed, the disappointment were quickly gone because of the enhance performance of the new model, and another face lifted model came by so on and so forth until 2007 where Subaru introduced the new model the GVB and the GRB model.

The Evo and Impreza drivers religiously believe in an idea, that cars developed for rallying must be the best on the asphalt. But rallies were originally done in snow or on dirt 4WD’S aren’t necessarily unbeatable on dry asphalt.  But Christian Choa’s GRB STi says otherwise. The Dare Devil of touge. The car built for speed on corners.


Christian’s history of modifying cars from AWD, Off-Road and Drag made this build to be his perfect all-rounder yet. In addition, the hatchback variant known as GRB is what makes it special, it’s his long time desire.
The main goal of the project is an output of a Race / Track Car since he wants to experience the feels of a fast lane of legal track conquering the apexes and curves, maximizing the capability of the car while on the other side,  keeping the beauty outside and can handle a battle in major car shows is a must. The project takes place at Staunch Performance (known for their crazy 4WD custom-tuned rides) and took a year to finish the everything because of the parts aren’t available around so they’re forced to import those.
Most people only focus on engine modifications, big turbo, and forge internals to achieve the big horsepower. but Christian’s ride is built for Touge, its built to glide in corners like its on rails, every modification he installed is made for fast in fast out phase on Touge starting from its gigantic Endless big brake kit to achieve the maximum braking ability, he changed his turbo from high range turbo to midrange turbo. So the turbo will keep spooling during corners to achieve the desired cornering acceleration, hence the fast out phases, if that isn’t enough the car is equipped with anti-lag you know just in case (because rally car bro). While you’re on the corner. The car feels like a cage on wheels, because the chassis doesn’t flex, the chassis reinforcements made by Cusco works like magic! It held the car together as if the joints is held together as one. It drastically helped the car achieved the cornering ability and balance of a God, heck even the SI DRIVE was removed and replaced it with better drivetrain.
On the other hand, this a hundred percent definition of full-built. From the original Varis Kits, Edirb Racing Seats, Rare TE37 SL to Garett GT28 Turbo. Entry Level parts is not in his language but assurance of satisfaction was.
This build finally pays off Christian’s works for this car. Bragging a 1st Place Hottest Subaru, 2nd Hottest Hatch in the recent Hot Import Nights Manila and a 2nd Place Best Subaru (Race Car Class) in the TransSport Show. Long story short, another one for the books of Christian as his 5th Project Car.
2010 Subaru WRX STI GRB Race car 
Tune by Speedworks
Paint by Staunch performance
Build and engine upgrades by Staunch performance
Interior and exterior modifications by Staunch Performance
ENGINE Management
• Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 stand alone ECU
• Haltech Wideband
• Haltech Can Hub
• Haltech Racepak IQ3 Logger Dash
• Cp Pistons oversized
• Cossworth Main Bearing
• Cossworth Rod Bearing
• Manly Rods
• Tomei Head Gasket
• Balanced Engine
• Arp Head Stud
• Arp Main Bolt
• TGV Delete
• Ported and Polished head
• Brian Crower Oversize Intake Valves
• Brian Crower Oversize Exhaust Valves
• Brian Crower Valves Spring
• Brian Crower Retainers
• Brian Crower Intake Camshaft
• Brian Crower Exhaust Camshaft
ENGINE Upgrades
• Perrin Front Mount Intercooler
• Custom Chargepipes
• Garrett GT28 Turbo
• Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
• Aeromotive Rail
• Aeromotive fuel lines
• Cossworth Intake Manifold
• Walbro Fuel Pump
• 1000 ID Injectors
• Full Race Wastegate
• Full Race Blow Off Valve
• Crawford Performance Oil Catch Can
• Exedy 6 Puk Racing Clutch
• Lightened Flywheel
• Fuel Lab Regulator
• Fuel Lab Gauge
• ATI Crankshaft Fully
INTAKE and EXHAUST upgrades
• Killer B Motorsport Headers
• Agency Power Cat back Exhaust
• Custom Up Pipe
• Custom Downpipe
• Mishimoto Aluminum Racing Radiator
• Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit
• Mishimoto Silicone Radiator Hose Kit
• Tein Flex Coilovers
• Cusco Upper Front Strut Bar
• Cusco Upper Rear Strut Bar
• Hard Race Tie Rod End
• Hard Race Roll Center Adjuster
• Hard Race Sway Bar Bushing
• Hard Race Sway Bar Link
• Hard Race Toe Control Arm
• Hard Race Trailing Arm
• Endless Front and Rear Big Brake monoblokcalipers
• Endless front and rear oversized slotted rotors
• Endless Steel braided brake lines
Wheels and Tires 
• Volk Racing TE37 SL Limited Edition
• Bridgestone Potenza RE002
• Rays Lugnuts
Exterior Add-ons and Upgrades 
• Varis Painted CF hood
• Varis Front bumper
• Varis cf front Splitter
• Varis Canards
• Varis Sideskirt
• Varis CF Rear Diffuser
• Varis wing
• Chargespeed CF Side Mirror
• R205 Sti Black Fender Badge
• Perrin Shorty Antenna
• Mitsuba Horn Kit
• Custom Paint
Interior Upgrades
• Bride Edirb Racing Seats
• Bride adjustable seat rails
• Sabelt Harness 4 point
• Damd Steering Wheel
• Cusco 13 Point Roll cage
• Hella Kill Switch
• Perrin Shift Knob
• Perrin SI-Drive Cover
• Sti Oem Push Start
• Kart Boy Short Shifter
• CF interior trims
Liqui moly Engine oil
Motul Transmission oil
Motul Differential oil
Motul ATF
Motul 5.1 brake fluid
Staunch Performance (Marbel Bayombong, Napol Camus & Paolo Tiglao)
Cabspeed Auto Shop (Wahlen Pangilinan)
Checkeredflag Auto Detailing and Carwash (Erwin Santos & Jayrick Relucio)
142 Cartech and Auto Detailing (Hensel Tan)
Photo: Vincent Capili
Words: Juan Miguel Jimenez & Vincent Capili